Go365 Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Go365 Program Frequently Asked Questions and helpful links


Fitness and Compatible Devices


Connecting your device:

If a device or app is not listed in the Device and Workout Guide as a compatible device, it will not be able to be connected to Go365. If you have any device, compatible or not, connected through a compatible device, it will be considered a third party device and the data will not transfer to Go365. 


Device and Workout Guide  

Connect your devices! 


Your Daily Workouts:

Daily Workouts can earn up to 50 Points per day. You are able to connect and use multiple apps and devices to track your Daily Workouts. This is useful if you do multiple types of activities. 


There are three different types of workouts that you can earn with a compatible fitness device. 


  • Steps- 1 Point is earned for every 1,000 Steps achieved within the same day. 
  • Heart Rate- 5 Points will be earned for every 15 minutes your heart rate is over 60% of your maximum heart rate.
  • Calories- 5 Points will be earned for every 100 calories burned. *Burn rate for the calories needs to be at a rate of 200 calories per hour.


Each workout will need to be completed at one time and cannot be split into multiple workouts. Points for your Daily Workout will not be combined if two different types of workouts are completed on the same day. You will automatically be awarded for the Daily Workout that earns you the most Points for that day.


For example: 15,000 Steps (15 Points) 200 Calories in 1 hour (10 Points) = Your Daily Workout will award as 15 Points for that day.

General Troubleshooting and FAQs for Device Sync  

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How Your Workout Data is Sent and Verified with Go365 


Athletic Events:

Athletic events are organized events within your community, this would include 5ks, 10ks and marathons. Events must have a registration and timed results. 


Qualifying athletic events can earn up to 3,000 Points each plan year. 


Sports Leagues:

Sports leagues are team sports in which you complete at least 8 games or matches within the season. 


Sports Leagues are awarded 350 Points per league and can earn up to 1,400 Points each plan year. You can submit once for each league when you have hit at least 8 games or matches that season. If you play the same league for spring and fall, you would submit once after the spring and once more after the fall league. If you play for two different leagues within the same season, you can submit one time for each league at the end of the season.


If you submit two sports leagues with the same end date, only one will award due to the system process. To avoid this, you can use the date of a different game or match, as long as there were at least 8 games or matches. 


*All submissions with Go365 are subject to a standard audit process to ensure the uploading process and Points are awarded correctly. 

Participating Fitness Facilities
How to Connect to a Participating Fitness Facility   
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Activities, Points and Bucks
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What Happens When My Plan Year Renews  
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Getting to Silver Status  


Biometric Screenings

How to submit a Biometric Screening  


Adult Dependents and Go365 Kids

Go365 - Adult Dependents 

Go365 Kids - How to earn Points and Activities  

Go365 - Removing an Adult Dependent or Child 


Go365 Login Troubleshooting

2-Step Verification Process & Troubleshooting Tips