How Your Workout Data is Sent and Verified with Go365

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With Go365, you now can receive Points for smaller/shorter workouts.  This means that you can earn points before you reach 10,000 steps.  With this new workout configuration, many of you might not be immediately seeing the number of points you were expecting for the day.


Is the system broken?

It is not.  In fact, it is working how it always has, but you just may not have noticed before because you were only awarded points for getting 10,000 steps.


So why does it work this way?

Great question.  The data connection from our partners is not instantaneous.  This means that your workouts aren’t going to transfer to Go365 right away. Most of the compatible devices store the data on a server. 


Take a look below for an example of Fitbit workouts:

  1. You walk 12,000 steps
  2. The steps are upload to
  3. Go365 checks your Fitbit Account for data
  4. Go365 posts the data on your calendar
  5. Based on the steps, Go365 awards points based on what it sees
  6. Several Hours Later: Go365 checks Fitbit again to see if there are changes


Devices like Apple Health, do not have a server and the data is stored in your phone. This requires you to log into the Go365 Mobile app in order for the data to sync with Go365. 


Apple Health data:

  1. You walk 12,000 steps 
  2. Log into your Go365 Mobile app
  3. Apple Health Syncs with Go365
  4. Steps and Points will award within 24-48 hours


For this example be sure to log into your Go365 Mobile app frequently to avoid missing data. 


Based on the process for all devices, it is possible for you to see partial workouts on your calendar because Go365 hasn’t yet received the most recent data. This information will update and the Points will backdate once the data has sync'd.



  1. You walk 5,000 steps by 10 AM and sync your device
  2. You will see 5 Points awarded for that day on your Go365 Statement
  3. You walk another 5,000 steps and sync your device before bed
  4. Your Points will update from 5 to 10 for that day once all of the information has sync'd


What type of data is eligible for Daily Workouts?

I can understand how this can cause confusion since all devices track different types of data. When devices become partnered and compatible with Go365, there is an agreement on what data will be shared with Go365, how it is sent and how all of the data is tracked and verified. 


If you would like to see a complete list of compatible devices, what type of workout data they share and the different types of Daily Workouts, please check out the posts below for more detailed information!


Device and Workout Guide 

Daily Workouts  


What is verified data?

In order for the data received from your device to be eligible to earn Points with Go365, it needs to be verified data. 


Verified data would be:

  • Data tracked with a tracker made by the same manufacture as the device or app
    • Can include but is not limited to: pedometers, wrist trackers and heart rate monitors 
      • Example: Fitbit tracker to Fitbit account
  • Data tracked with the GPS tracking on your device or phone to calculate distance and duration
    • Example: Runkeeper App, tracking an outdoor run using your phones motion setting


Please note: Apps that use GPS tracking, such as Runkeeper or Strava, will not be able to be used for an indoor run or cycling session. It has to be verified through GPS tracking to be able to calculate the distance and duration of your workout. 


Unverified data would be any of the following:

  • Manually logged workouts
  • Edited workouts
  • Workouts tracked with a third party devices
    • A third party device is when you have a non-compatible device or app connected and sending information to a compatible device or app. For example: If you are using a walking app that is not listed in the Device and Workout Guide connected to a compatible one, such as Apple Health, the data was not verified by Apple Health and would not be considered verified data for Go365.


Is this the same for all types of Daily Workouts?

Yes! The way that the data is sent is applied to all types of workouts. This would include steps, calories and heart rate! 


Please know: Not all devices share all types of workouts. See our Device and Workout Guide to verify what type of workouts yours will share!


Daily Workouts is a great document that explains the different Daily Workout options and how to earn Points!


Other things to think about:

  • Go365 can’t award Points until it can see the data
  • Just because you see the workout on your device or the device’s app, it does not mean the steps/data is available for Go365 to use
  • If Go365 checks your partnered account before you upload, the delay to your calendar could be a little longer than you expect
  • It can take up to 24-72 hours for all devices to sync their data with Go365


We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!