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Here are some helpful tips to get you started while using Apple Health!


How to connect Apple Health to Go365:


Here is a great post on directions for connecting your Apple Health account to Go365!


How to connect Apple Health  


How Apple Health tracks and sends your steps:


With Apple Health, your step data is stored on your phone, and not on a server like some devices. Because of this, you will need to log into your Go365 Mobile app to sync your data with Go365. 


When Apple Health is connected to your Go365 account and you log into the Go365 Mobile app, the Go365 app then knows to look for any compatible data. 


Here is an example:

  • Apple Health tracked 12,000 steps in one day
  • Log into your Go365 Mobile app
  • Apple Health Syncs with Go365
  • Steps will sync and Points will award within 24-48 hours


Be sure to log into your Go365 Mobile app frequently to avoid missing data.


Based on the process for all devices, it is possible for you to see partial workouts on your calendar because Go365 hasn’t yet received the most recent set of data. This information will update and the Points will backdate once the data has sync'd.



  • You walk 5,000 steps by 10 AM and log into your Go365 Mobile app
  • Within 24-48 hours, you will see 5 Points awarded for that day on your Go365 Statement
  • You walk another 5,000 steps and log into your Go365 Mobile app before bed
  • Your Points will update from 5 to 10 for that day once all of the information has sync'd within the next 24-48 hours


For more detailed information on how all devices send data to Go365, check out the link below for more information! 

How Your Workout Data is Sent and Verified with Go365 


What other devices and apps are sharing data with your Apple Health app:


Here's how to see which devices and apps update specific health categories:

  • Open the Health app and tap the Browse tab.
  • Tap a category, like Activity. If you don't see the category, swipe down to reveal the search bar, then enter a category.
  • Tap a subcategory, like Steps.
  • Scroll down, then tap Data Sources & Access. Only the sources that contribute to that data type will appear.


Here's how to see all of your sources for the Health app:

  • Open the Health app.
  • Tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner .
  • Scroll down to Privacy, then tap Apps or Devices.


To Set your Apple Watch as Priority:


If you are using an Apple Watch with your Apple Health account, you may notice that the number of steps Go365 receives is lower than the number that you have reached with your watch. When this happens, the priority for your steps will need to be changed. 


Please follow the steps below to set your Apple Watch as priority:


  • Open the Health app and tap Browse.
  • Tap a category, such as Activity.
  • Tap a subcategory, such as Steps
  • Scroll Down, then tap Data Sources & Access
  • Tap Edit.
  • Touch and hold the "Change Order Button" (three line icon to the right) next to a data source and move it up or down in the list.
  • Tap Done.


Manage Health data on your iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch - Apple Support

If multiple sources contribute the same data type, then the data source at the top will take priority over other sources. Any new apps or devices that you add go to the top of the list automatically. 



To turn off a data source so that it doesn't contribute any more data for that category, tap the check mark next to the data source.


If Apple Health doesn’t track steps from the Apple Watch:


  • Open Apple Health 
  • Tap your profile , then tap Devices.
  • Tap your Apple Watch.
  • Tap Privacy Settings and make sure that Fitness Tracking is turned on.


Logging Sleep with Apple Health:


If you are using Apple Health to track your sleep, you will need to manually track your sleep for each night the day after. If you have any other devices connected to Apple Health that is sending sleep, this information will not transfer.


Please follow instructions below to enter your sleep:


  • Open Apple Health on your iPhone
  • Select Browse (bottom right hand corner)
  • Sleep
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Add Data (upper right hand corner)
  • Asleep
  • Enter your Start time and End time
  • Select Add


Here is an example of how to enter your sleep: If you fell asleep on 1/1/2020 at 10:00 pm. You would log your sleep on 1/2/2018, change the Start time to 10:00 pm for 1/1/2020, and the end time for 1/2/2020 at the time you woke up. Be sure that you are logging your sleep daily to avoid missing any data. Logging back a week at a time can cause the data to not be transferred to Go365. 


For the Sleep Activity with Go365, as long as you are logging 7 or more hours of sleep at least 5 nights within the same week (Sunday-Saturday) you will be credited for the Sleep Activity that week. 


Please allow 24-48 hours for the data to upload to your Go365 account after you have logged into your Go365 Mobile app.