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Go365 and Adult Dependents


A Go365 Policy may look a little different if there are multiple adults on the policy. Lets take a closer look!


An adult on a Go365 policy would be anyone over the age of 18. All adults on the policy, including a spouse and/or adult dependents, will need to have their own registered account with Go365. Even though there is a separate login, they will still be connected to the Go365 Family Policy. 


In order to register, all members will need to be listed on your medical or Go365 Policy.


To register, they will use the member ID of the policy and their date of birth and zip code of the address listed on the policy. 


Please note: In the case of siblings with the same date of birth and zip code, please have each register with their social security number. 


If you have any children under the age of 18, please check out Go365 Kids - How to earn Points and Activities  for more information! 


If you have questions about your Go365 Policy and removing a dependent, please check out Go365 - Removing an Adult Dependent or Child for more information! 


Status Level


After there are two adults on the Go365 Policy, each adult will add an additional Points needed to reach the different Status Levels with Go365. 



Points needed per adult dependent to achieve family status:


Silver = 3,000
Gold = 4,000
Platinum = 5,000


Any member on the policy is able to earn the required number of Points. The total number of Points on the policy just needs to exceed the required amount to reach the next Status Level. 


Points, Bucks and Activities


Due to personal information, none of their completed activities will be visible on your Go365 account. However, all of their Points and Bucks will combine into a family total, which is visible on your account. 


Every adult on the policy will be able to earn up to the 30,000 Bucks max each plan year. The max amount of Bucks will include: Bucks earned from the 10% carry over Point at your plan year renewal, Bucks earned from Points and Bonus Bucks.


Bonus Bucks will also be earned for every member of the family over the age of 18. For a spouse and/or adult dependent will earn the following:


First time reaching the Status Level

Silver - 250 Bucks 

Gold - 750 Bucks

Platinum - 2,500 Bucks


When you reach your prior year's highest Status Level

Silver - 500 Bucks

Gold - 1,500 Bucks

Platinum - 5,000 Bucks

Please note: Only the highest earned Status will increase. For example, if you reached Platinum Status, Bucks will award as follows: Silver - 250 Bucks, Gold - 750 Bucks, Platinum - 5,000 Bucks. 


All fitness devices will need to be connected directly through their individual account. The primary or subscriber will not be able to connect or view their device information. 


Connect your devices! 


EEOC/GINA Federal Regulations


As of 1/1/2017, because of the federal regulations and clarification of the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and GINA (Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act), Adult Dependents are unable to earn credit for activities pertaining to genetic information. 


The EEOC/GINA regulations say that "genetic information" includes, among other things, information about the manifestation of a disease or disorder in family members of an individual. As a result of these regulations adult and minor children cannot be rewarded for completing the Health Assessment, getting a Biometric Screening, and associated Recommended Activities. These Activities can still be included in the program for an adult dependent, however, all rewards associated with them are eliminated.


Ineligible activities are as follows:

  • Biometric Screening Completion Points/Bucks
  • Biometric Screening In Range Points/Bucks
  • Health Assessment Completion Points/Bucks
  • Recommended Activities associated with Biometric Screening or Health Assessment results


An Adult Dependent cannot move a family out of Blue Status by completing a Biometric Screening or part of the Health Assessment. However, they can complete a Daily Workout to move the family out of Blue Status and into Bronze Status. 


What can Adult Dependents earn Points for?


Adult dependents can still earn Points and Bucks for a number of activities within Go365.


Preventive Activities: 

Adult dependents can still earn Points for having their annual preventive screenings completed.


Dental Exam (2x per plan year) - 200 Points per exam with 400 Points total

Vision Exam (1x per plan year) - 200 Points

Flu Shot (1x per plan year) - 200 Points

Health Screenings - 400 Points per eligible screening


Please note: In order for a health screening to be considered preventive and eligible, they will have to meet national recommendations set, such as age and gender. If a health screening is completed for diagnostic purposes, it is not eligible for rewards with Go365. 


Fitness Activities:

All forms of Daily Workouts and Fitness activities will be eligible for adult dependents. 


First Daily Workout per lifetime - 500 Points

Please note: This is only awarded once per lifetime with Go365

Daily Workouts - Up to 50 Points per day

Exceeds 50 Daily Workout Points - 50 Points

Must reach 51 Points within the same week, the weeks run Sunday-Saturday

Exceeds 100 Daily Workout Points - 50 Points

Must reach 101 Points within the same week, the weeks run Sunday-Saturday

Athletic Events - Up to 3,000 Points per plan year

Sports Leagues - Up to 1,400 Points per plan year


Go365 Mobile App Activities:

These are activities listed within the Go365 Mobile app, they will need to download the Go365 Mobile app to their phone in order to participate.


Challenges - Up to 100 Points per month

Please note: Challenges will award when data has been uploaded to the challenge. A compatible device will be needed to earn the Points for any challenges. 

Fitness Habit - 25 Points per month

Weekly Log - 10 Points per week 

Please note: Due to EEOC guidelines, Points will only be earned for the Food Log or Meditation Log. 

Daily Moment/Health IQ - 2 Points per day

Sleep Activity - 25 Points per week for up to 6 weeks


Recommended and Educational Activities:

An adult dependent can participate in recommended activities, however, they will not earn rewards for any activities that include biometric screening results. Eligible recommended activities would include fitness related activities, stress, nutrition and healthy living. 


Recommended Activities - Varies depending on activity type and length 

Courses - 400 Points upon completion (as long as it has been tied to an set recommended activity)

Conversations - 100 Points upon completion (as long as it has been tied to an set recommended activity)

Calculators (4x 75 Points each) - Up to 300 Points per plan year
CPR certification - 125 Points

First Aid certification - 125 Points

Monthly Activity - 10 Points per month (For first login to their Go365 account on the Go365 Mobile app or Website)


Please note: For recommended activities to be available, the Health Assessment will still need to be taken in order for the system to assign the activities that will be of the most benefit depending on the overall activity level. 


How and adult dependent to get to 3,000 Points or more:


For a direct look at how to get to Silver Status with an adult dependent, please check out How to Reach the Highest Status Level -Adult Dependent  


Below are more examples of some activities that can be completed by an adult dependent to help you reach the different Status Levels throughout the year.


Dental Exam (200 Points up to twice per plan year) - 400 Points

Vision Exam (once per plan year) - 200 Points

Flu Shot (once per plan year) - 200 Points

Total - 800 Points 


Challenges (100 Points each month) - 1,200 Points

Fitness Habit (25 Points each month) - 300 Points

Weekly Log (10 Points each week) - 520 Points

Sleep Activity (25 Points per week for a max of 6 weeks) - 150 Points

Total - 2,170 Points 


Calculators (75 Points each up to four per plan year) - 300 Points

Log into the Go365 Mobile app or website (10 Points each month) - 120 Points

Total - 420 Points


Daily Workouts (average 10 Points a day for 6 days a week for the plan year) - 3,120

Exceeds 50 Daily Workout Points each week (over 51 total Daily Workout Points within the same week) - 2,600

Total - 5,720 Points


Grand Total - 9,110 Points 


Example 2


Dental Exam (200 Points up to twice per plan year) - 400 Points

Vision Exam (once per plan year) - 200 Points

Flu Shot (once per plan year) - 200 Points

Total - 800 Points


Average 5 Daily Workout Points each day for the plan year - 1,820 Points

Calculators (75 Points each up to four per plan year) - 300 Points

Log into the Go365 Mobile app or website (10 Points each month) - 120 Points

Total - 2,240


Grand Total - 3,040 Points


Please note that not all of the activities available are included in the examples above. This is just a few examples, the more involved that they get with the Go365 Program, the more Points they will contribute to the family policy and overall Point total. Remember, any member of the family can earn the additional Points needed to reach the Status Levels within Go365. It is very common to have members with different levels of activity on their Go365 Policy. 


Questions or Concerns


If you have any questions or concerns, please check out Contact Us for more information.