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Challenges are a great way to participate in Go365 with your team! Here is some information on how the challenges work with Go365! 



What do I need in order to participate in a challenge? All you need is a compatible device to track your data and get it uploaded to Go365! The posts below will help with finding a compatible device and connecting it to Go365!


Device and Workout Guide 

Connect your devices! 



What types of challenges can I participate in? Challenges will either be a sponsored challenge, created by your employer or Humana, or member challenge, created by members like yourself! 


Step Challenges: Step challenges will track the total number of steps recorded each day from your compatible device. 


Step challenges are a great and easy way to participate with Go365. They can be any duration from one day to a number of months in order to fit well into anyone's schedule! Your steps will be tracked for a total number of steps for the duration of the challenge as well as the average number per day. 


Weight loss Challenges: A weight loss challenge will track the percentage of weight lost over a select period of time. 


Weight loss challenges will be either a sponsored challenge or a member created challenge. Data for this type of challenge will need to be tracked with a compatible app or device such as MyFitness Pal. As the data uploads to the challenge, it will only show a percentage of weight lost and never the total weight listed. 


Important note: When the weight loss challenge begins, it is important to enter a starting weight in the compatible app in order for it to have a starting point to track the weight loss throughout the challenge. 


Sleep Challenges: Sleep challenges will only be sponsored challenges, you will not be able to create your own sleep challenge. 


Sleep Challenges will be tracked with a compatible device and it will track the number of days that you reach the required number of hours of sleep per night. Each sleep challenge is set up through your employer or Humana and the average number of hours can change depending on the challenge. All information will be listed under the about section of the individual challenge. 


All challenges and teams are open for any one to join, this includes any member created challenges that are not created as private. 


Private Challenges: Private challenges are created by members who only want to participate with a select group of people. 


When creating your challenge, select "invitation only" to make it a private challenge. After you create the challenge, there will be an option to "Invite Members." To invite members, enter their email addresses into the email that pops up, there will be a link they can click to join your challenge.


Important notes: Invitation links are specific to the way the challenge was created. If you created the challenge on the Go365 website at, you will need to send the link to their email address that they can access from a computer. If you created the challenge on the Go365 Mobile app, the link will need to be sent to an email able to be accessed on their phone. The link does not need to be sent to the email associated with their Go365 account, it can be a work or personal email.


Example: The private challenge was created through the Go365 Mobile app, if the link is sent to a member's work email and they try to access from their computer, they will receive an error. It will need to be sent to their email on their phone. 


You are also only able to invite member's to your private challenge that are under your same employer. You are not able to invite someone who has Go365 through a different employer or group. 



How many Points can I earn for participating in challenges? Sponsored challenges and/or Community Challenges (member created) will earn 50 Points per challenge for a max of 100 Points per month. 


Points will be awarded to you when participation is shown on your challenge. This would be when your step, weight or sleep data registers to the challenge. You will see the challenges on your Go365 Statement as either a "Member Challenge" or "Sponsored Challenge." Points will be awarded the first day in the challenge that you show participation, there are no additional Points awarded for completing or placing within the challenge. 


You are able to participate in as many challenges as you wish, however, the first two of the month to show participation will be awarded the 50 Points each. Any challenges after this will reflect 0 Points awarded on your account.  


You can also earn the Points by any combination of Sponsored or Community Challenges, they do not have to be one per category.


Example: Join two sponsored challenges, create two Community Challenges or join a sponsored and create a challenge. 



IMPORTANT UPDATE: Currently from now until the end of the year, 12/31/2020, you can earn double Points for your Challenges. 100 for your first two challenges up to 200 Points total per month. This will revert back to the standard max of 100 Points per month on 1/1/2020.



Why are my steps not showing on my challenges? There is a select process that the steps take to reach your challenge. The process can take up to 48 hours after syncing your device to reach your active challenges.


Below is a detailed view how your steps get to your active challenges! 


  • The challenge has started
  • You sync your device/tracker during the day 
  • Steps upload to Go365 and award Points within 24-48 hours
  • Steps can take up to an additional 48 hours after uploading to Go365 to reach the active challenges


Important note: Due to this process, it is not uncommon to see partial steps listed on your challenge. This can happen when you sync your device part way through the day, and then sync the rest later on. The steps will update within 48 hours after syncing has been completed. Time for the challenges is based off of the EST timezone, be sure to upload before 11:59 PM EST to avoid any missing data.


Example: On the first day of the challenge, you sync your device at 10:00 am and there are 5,000 steps listed. Later on in the day, you sync your device before bed and your total for the day is 15,000 steps. When you check your challenge the next day, you only see 5,000 steps as your total, this will update as soon as the remaining 10,000 steps complete the uploading process. 


For more detailed information on how your workout data is shared with Go365 from your device, check out How Your Workout Data is Sent and Verified with Go365 



How do I join or create a challenge? You can create or join a challenge through or the Go365 Mobile app. Check out the post below for more detailed information!


How to Create/Join a Weight Loss or Step Challenge 


If you are joining a sponsored challenge, you will need to create a team or join a team that has already been created. 



How many people can join a challenge or team? There are different answers between all of the types of challenges. 


Sponsored Challenges: Sponsored challenges are created by Go365 or your employer and will have teams within the challenge. There is not a max number of members who can join a Sponsored Challenge, however there will be a limit on team size. When the challenge is created, the team size will be selected. The default team size will be 2-10 members but can be adjusted to fit the need of the challenge. 

Important note: If the team does not meet the minimum number of members, it will not qualify for the leader board and ranking. You will still be awarded Points for participation if eligible and it will not be deleted or removed. 


Community/Member created Challenges: Community Challenges do not have teams within the challenge. There is no limit to the number of members that can join the Community Challenges. 

Important note: The leader board is only able to list 10 members at one time. If there are more than 10 members within the challenge, only the top 10 will be shown.  



What does it mean that my challenge is being tallied? After the challenge ends, there is an upload or tallying period to allow for all of the steps to upload to Go365 and be added to your challenge.


The upload period can vary from challenge to challenge depending on how it was created. A member created challenge is not able to change the time frame of the uploading period. The average upload period will allow up to 48 hours to upload your steps. 


Important note: It is important to sync your device regularly to the challenge in order to have all of your steps upload and show on the challenge. If your device did not sync during the upload period, and it ends, the steps will not transfer to the challenges.  



One Day Challenges: One day challenges are Community Challenges created by members. Since they are a short time frame here are some important differences to note.


For one day challenges it is very important to upload your steps the day of the challenge in order to ensure that all of your steps for that day are counted towards the challenge and that you earn the Points for your challenge. Since it takes up to 24 hours for your steps to transfer to Go365 after syncing your device and up to an additional 48 hours to transfer to any active challenges, it is not guaranteed that they will reach the challenge with the shortened length of the challenge. This can also cause Points to not be awarded for this challenge if any steps do not upload the day of the challenge. 


Example: Sync your device in the early morning and right before bed on the night of the one day challenge, this allows your steps enough time to follow the process to sync and upload to Go365. 



One of my teammates created a challenge, how can I find it and join it? All you need is the name of the challenge that they created! 


While searching for a challenge that has already been created, it is important to enter it exactly how they entered it when it was created. Spelling, spaces and capitalization will help make finding the challenge easier and more efficient. If you are searching for part of the challenge name, you may receive a large amount of results to search through. Searching by member name is not available. 



I average 35,000 steps per day, why do my steps only show 30,000 as my average? Sponsored Challenges have Daily Caps for steps during the challenge. 


This was created to encourage all members, with all levels of physical ability, to participate. The daily cap may vary from challenge to challenge depending on duration and the theme of the challenge. 


Important Note: All steps are verified and tracked with a compatible device. There is no way to manually log or enter any steps into the challenges. 



Receiving an "Unable to create challenge at this time" error, I created a challenge last month successfully, but I am unable to create the same challenge this month? When you are creating a challenge, the name that you choose is important for our records. 


The name of the challenge must have a minimum of 3 letters and not be the same as a previous challenge. Due to the way that our challenge system creates, tracks and archives the challenge data, previous names are unable to be used. 



Can I leave a challenge or team I joined or delete a challenge or team that I created? There are many reasons that you may want to leave or delete a challenge.


Challenges can only be deleted by the person that created the challenge. If you had joined a challenge and it is no longer visible, it may have been deleted by the creator.


To leave a challenge or team, within the challenge there will be an option to leave. Just select the option and you will be removed from the challenge. 


Important note: If the challenge has already started, you will not be able to leave or delete the challenge or team.



There are some members that joined my challenge or team that I do not know, can I remove them? It is not possible to remove members from a challenge or a team.


Challenges and teams are open to all members with a Go365 Policy. This includes teams within a Sponsored Challenge and Community Challenges created by members. If you would prefer a select group of individuals within your group to participate, you can make your Community Challenge private when you are creating it. Simply toggle the switch to "Invitation Only" and follow the steps to invite other members.  



Questions or Concerns? Check out Contact Us for more information.