How to Submit a Preventive Exam with Go365

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You can earn up to 400 Points per eligible screening each plan year. These health screenings will be subject to certain requirements, such as gender and age, and will appear as a recommended activity under prevention if they are applicable to you. These exams can only be submitted through the Go365 Website and are not able to be submitted through the Go365 Mobile app. 


  • Colorectal Screening (50+ years)
  • Mammogram (Female, 40+ years)
  • Pap Test (Female, 18+ years)
  • Prostate Check (Male, 40+ years)


Please note: You are able to use the internet browser on your phone to access the Go365 Website and submit your health screening.


Flu Shots, Dental and Vision exams will not be submitted as a Health Screening. They can be submitted through the Go365 Website and the Go365 Mobile app.


  • Flu Shot- 200 Points per plan year
  • Dental Exam- 200 Points per exam, up to 400 Points per plan year
  • Vision Exam- 200 Points per plan year



How to Submit Preventive Exams through



Log into to access your Go365 Dashboard. 

From your Dashboard, select Activities at the top of the screen.



Under activities, select Prevention.



Eligible preventive activities will be listed based off of your Go365 profile. 

Please note: Some activities are specific to age and gender.


Find the activity that you wish to submit, select view details.



You will be provided a summary of the activity and an option to upload your proof for the exam. 


Enter the date that the preventive exam was completed.

Choose file from your computer to upload. 

Select Submit to earn your credit for the activity. 

You will receive your Points within 24-48 hours for the activity after you have submitted your proof.






How to Submit Preventive Exams through the Go365 Mobile app:


The Go365 Mobile app makes it quick and easy to submit your exams! Take a quick picture of your proof and submit to earn your credit! Please know that only activities completed by you can be submitted through the Go365 Mobile app, there is not an option to submit for Go365 Kids. 


To Submit:

Log into the Go365 Mobile app.

Select Activities.

Select the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.

Choose the preventive activity you would like to submit.



Change the date to the date that the exam was completed and select Submit Photo proof.

Choose to either select a photo from your phones library or take a picture of your photo proof.

Once you have your proof updated, select Submit.


Important note: When you are using your phone to take a picture of your proof, please be sure that the picture is in focus and all of the information is visible. All activities are subject to an audit process, if your proof is unable to be verified, you will be contacted to provide more information. 


How to Submit a Preventive Exam for Go365 Kids - Children under 18:


Go365 Kids activities are for children on your account under the age of 18. These activities are not able to be submitted on the Go365 Mobile app and can only be submitted through They will not have their own login information.


To submit:

 Under activities, select Kids

You will be given a list of eligible activities that you are able to submit for.

Find the preventive activity and select View Details.




You will be given a summary of the activity and eligible proof needed for your submission.


Select the child's name that you are submitting for, add the date the exam was completed and attach your proof by selecting choose file.

Select Submit. Points will be awarded within 24-48 hours after submitting. 



Frequently asked questions about Preventive Exams


When will I receive my Points for my exams? Points and Bucks will be awarded within 24-48 after submission.


Why did I earn 0 Points for my preventive exam? Some of the exams have a limit to the number of times they can be earned each plan year. 

To verify if you have earned credit for this plan year from your Go365 Statement, filter by prevention to view all of the completed prevention exams. 


Please note: Some plan years do not run the same as calendar year, so it is important to check your Go365 Statement if there are any questions about activities. 


What type of documentation do I need to submit? Proper documentation for a preventive exam would be one of the following:


  • Copy of the Explanation of Benefits that includes the dates of service and the description of service.
  • The Doctor's claim form showing the relevant billing codes.
  • The record or certificate/receipt documenting the date of service and the service description.


My submission has multiple pages, do I need to submit multiple times? You will only need to submit once per exam. However, if your proof has multiple pages, please be sure to save all of them in one document, such as a Word document or PDF, before submitting. 


Please note: if you have multiple preventive activities to submit, you will need to submit each one under the corresponding activity. 


I have an adult dependent on my policy, why is their name not an option when submitting for a child? Only activities for minor children will be able to be submitted on their behalf. Any activities completed by a spouse or adult dependent will need to register as a new user and submit their information through their account. 


Go365 - Adult Dependents 


I submitted a dental exam for my child on the Go365 Mobile app, but it listed the activity under my account? Only activities completed by you, will be able to be submitted through the Go365 Mobile app. 


Important things to note:


  • Preventive exams must be submitted within 90 days of the date of service. Activities submitted outside of the 90 days or from previous plan years will not be eligible.


  • All activities, screenings and submissions, are subject to an audit process as defined by the Go365 Terms and Conditions. Submissions are checked for accurate information and determined if they meet the requirements for each individual activity or screening. 


If the proof is determined ineligible they will contact you through phone, email or letter to provide education. Often, it can be a missing page, name and date or the image came through blurry and they are unable to verify the information. If you initially submitted invalid proof and the activity was denied/reversed, but have valid proof, you can resubmit with the valid proof.


If you have any questions about your activities, please check out the post Contact Us . Using these channels will allow the representative access to your information in order to fully investigate your activities.