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Status Levels and Adult Dependents

Having an adult dependent on your policy will increase the total Points needed to reach the different Status Levels within Go365. 


  • For Silver Status an additional 3,000
  • For Gold Status an additional 4,000
  • For Platinum Status an additional 5,000


This may seem like a difficult task to reach. Lets take a look at some ways that an adult dependent can earn Points and contribute to the families Status Level.


Getting to Silver Status


Here is a quick snapshot of activities that an adult dependent can complete to reach the 3,000 Points needed to reach Silver Status within 90 days or 12 weeks. 


ActivityintsFrequencyTotal Over 90 daysNotes
Sleep Diary25 PointsPer Week150 PointsCan earn up to 6 times each plan year.
Fitness Habit25 PointsPer Month75 PointsOnly one Fitness Habit will award per month.
Daily Moment2 Points Per Day180 PointsTwo Points will be awarded per day. 
Weekly Log10 PointsPer Week120 PointsOnly one Weekly Log will award each week. 
Calculators75 PointsPer Calculator300 PointsUp to four can be completed each plan year for Points.
Monthly Login10 PointsPer Month30 PointsCan be a web or mobile app login to be eligible.
Dental Exam200 PointsPer Visit200 PointsTwo per plan year, max of 400 Points. 
Vision Exam200 PointsPer Visit200 PointsOne per plan year.
Flu Shot200 PointsEach200 PointsOne per plan year.
Challenges50 PointsPer Challenge300 Points

Up to 100 Points max each month.

Daily Workouts10 PointsPer Day840 PointsBased off of 10 Points per day average.
Exceeding 50 Daily Workout Points50 PointsPer Week600 PointsMust reach at least 51 Daily Workout Points within the same week (Sunday -Saturday)


Getting to Gold or Platinum


To reach Gold or Platinum, an additional 2.000 Points will need to be reached. This can easily be done by continuing the daily, weekly or monthly activities. 


Along with the activities above, you would need 1,805 Points to reach the 5,000 needed towards your Platinum Status. The following activities, throughout the year, could earn up to:


  • Challenges can earn up to an additional 900 Points
  • Fitness Habits can earn up to an additional 225 Points
  • Dental exam (2nd for the plan year) 200 Points
  • Daily Moments can earn up to an additional 540 Points


Daily Workouts and other Fitness Activities can also continue to add to your total Points. 


If you would like to see more information on Adult Dependents and your Go365 Policy, including all eligible activities, please check out Go365 - Adult Dependents 


Please note: The Status Levels with Go365 are based off of the total number of Points that the family earns. Anyone on the policy is able to earn the additional Points required for the Status Levels.