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There are many activities available for you through the Go365 Mobile app!



To access your activities:


Open the Go365 Mobile app

Select Activities 

Select the plus sign to add an activity

Select the activity through the list provided

Go365 Mobile App Activities


The following activities are only able to be set and/or submitted through the Go365 Mobile app.


Fitness Habit - The Fitness Habit was created to help promote healthy habits within your life. It can be customized to your activity level and lifestyle. Start with short, achievable habits and increase as you get more comfortable. The Fitness Habit will award a maximum of 25 Points each month. You are able to set multiple Fitness Habits at one time, however, only the first completed for that month will be awarded.


Please note: Points are awarded based off of the date that the fitness habit was started and not completed. 



Options for the Fitness Habit include:



After you have selected the type, frequency and duration, select Set and it will be added to your "In Progress Activities" on the activities page of your Go365 Mobile app. 


When the Fitness Habit has been completed, you will be notified to submit your photo proof. Only one picture needs to be submitted for the activity at the end of the activity, you do not need to submit a photo each time you do the activity while it is set. After you have uploaded the photo, select submit to receive your Points. 



Weekly Log: The Weekly Log was also created to encourage healthy lifestyle habits. There are different types of weekly logs, ranging from nutrition to financial, to help build your overall well-being! The Weekly Log will award a maximum of 10 Points per week and will need to be reset every 28 days. You are able to set as many of the weekly logs as you wish, however, only the first to be logged for the week (Sunday-Saturday) will be awarded. 


To Set a Weekly Log:

From the Activities page select Weekly Log

Choose the type of log you would like to complete

Select Set



After it has been set, it will be listed in your "In Progress Activities." There is no need to submit any proof, as you log your activities per the different logs, it will register through your connected devices. 


More information about the Weekly Logs:

Weekly Log Activity - Financial Log with Votaire 

Weekly Log Activity - Mindfulness  



Sleep Activity: The sleep activity was created to help encourage overall well-being by working on getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. To earn credit, a compatible device with Go365 will need to be used to track your sleep. To view a detailed list, check out our Device and Workout Guide for more information. If you need assistance connecting a device, Connect your devices! has great information for all of the compatible devices. 


You will be awarded 25 Points for reaching 7 hours of continued sleep for 5 or more days within the same week (Sunday-Saturday.) There is a maximum of 150 Points able to be earned each plan year for this activity. If you have earned this activity for 6 weeks, the following weeks will award 0 Points. This will reset and you will be able to earn credit when your plan year renews. This activity will need to be reset every 28 days within the Go365 Mobile app.


To Set the Sleep Activity:

From the Activities page select Sleep Diary

Make sure that you have one of the compatible apps listed under connected devices

Select Set




Daily Moment - Health IQ: The Daily Moment is a daily quiz completed through the mobile app Health IQ. You will be awarded 2 Points for completing the Daily Quiz listed on Health IQ. This activity has a daily limit of 2 Points and will need to be reset every 28 days within the Go365 Mobile app. 


To Set the Daily Moment Activity:

From the Activities page select Daily Moment

Make sure that you have Health IQ listed under the connected devices

Select Set




The following activities may be set and/or submitted through www.go365.com or the Go365 Mobile app.


Athletic Events: Athletic events must be a sanctioned and organized event with a registration, set date and time and results. There is a max of 3,000 Points able to be earned per plan year. 


To Submit an Athletic Event (Go365 Mobile app):

From the Activities page select Athletic Event

Select Type, Distance and Date of the event

Click to submit your photo proof

Select Submit



Sports Leagues: Sports Leagues are team based leagues that consist of at least 8 games or matches. 350 Points will be awarded after you have completed at least 8 games or matches. There is a max of 1,400 Points able to be earned each plan year for Sports Leagues. 


To Submit a Sports League (Go365 Mobile app):

From the Activities page select Sports League

Select Type and Date of the League 

(date is the last day of your league)

Click to submit your photo proof

Select Submit




Important Note: All activities, screenings and submissions, are subject to an audit process as defined by the Go365 Terms and Conditions. Submissions are checked for accurate information and determined if they meet the requirements for each individual activity or screening. 


If the proof is determined ineligible they will contact you through phone, email or letter to provide education. Often, it can be a missing page, name and date or the image came through blurry and they are unable to verify the information. If you initially submitted invalid proof and the activity was denied/reversed, but have valid proof, you can resubmit with the valid proof.


If you have any questions about your activities, please check out the post Contact Us. Using these channels will allow the representative access to your information in order to fully investigate your activities.