2020 National Step Challenge - Steps to Join!

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Join your company’s team by going to Challenges and clicking on the 2020 National Step Challenge on Go365.com or the Go365 App.



For the 3rd year, the National Step Challenge benefit will Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. You and your company’s team have a great opportunity to work together to make a positive impact on your community during a tough year, and improve your personal health.







What should you do first?


In order for your steps to filter to the 2020 National Step challenge, it is important to make sure that you are using a compatible fitness device or app with Go365. There are free apps available such as Apple Health or Shealth if you do not have a device. Check out the helpful posts below for more details!


Device and Workout Guide 

Connect your devices! 


Please note: It can take up to an additional 48 hours for your steps to filter to the challenge after syncing. This is a natural delay due to the systems used and it is not uncommon to see partial steps while the upload completes. All of the steps will be backdated to any active challenges with Go365 including the 2020 National Step Challenge. There is also a tallying phase at the end of the challenge to allow time for the steps to sync. How Your Workout Data is Sent and Verified with Go365 can provide more details on how the data is sent to Go365.




Here's how to join!


Log into the Go365 Mobile app and find the Challenges section. The 2020 National Step Challenge is a sponsored challenge and will be displayed under the Go365 Sponsored Challenges. Select the 2020 National Step Challenge to view the details and click "Join Your Team" at the bottom of the screen. 


Please note: This year, there is no need to search for your employer's team. Once you select "Join Your Team" you will be automatically enrolled in the correct with your employer! 






Congratulations! You are now enrolled in the 2020 National Step Challenge! 



Enrollment for all eligible members starts on 9.9.20 - 10.6.20 and the 2020 National Step Challenge begins on 10.14.20 - 11.11.20. Check out the 2020 National Step Challenge Official Rules and 2020 National Step Challenge FAQ for more information.