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Biometric Screening Points and Healthy Living Credit


A Biometric Screening will award up to 2,000 Points for completing all four categories and up to an additional 2,000 Points for having the results within healthy range.


For your first completed Biometric Screening with Go365, you can view the breakdown below:


Completed Biometric Screening – This will be awarded regardless of the result and will show on your Go365 as follows:

  • Get your BMI Measured - 800 Points
  • Blood Pressure Screening – 400 Points
  • Cholesterol Screening – 400 Points
  • Fasting Glucose Screening – 400 Points

Total – 2,000 Points


Please note: You will see “Biometric Screening Completed” on your Go365 Statement for 0 Points, this is just to indicate that you had all of the items completed for a Biometric Screening with Go365.


In-range results or Healthy Living Credit – This will be awarded if the results fall within standard healthy ranges:

  • BMI in Healthy Range – 800 Points
  • Blood Pressure in Healthy Range – 400 Points
  • Cholesterol in Healthy Range – 400 Points
  • Blood Glucose in Healthy Range – 400 Points

Total – 2,000 Points (if all categories are within the healthy ranges)


Please note: You can have any number of results within healthy range from your screening, you will only be awarded the additional Points if that category falls within those ranges. For example: If your cholesterol and blood glucose fall within healthy range and the BMI and blood pressure do not, you would receive an additional 800 bringing your total to 2,800.


To view the Healthy Living ranges and alternatives, please visit Go365 - Biometric Screening In-Range Results and Alternatives for more details. 


Plan Year Renewal Rollover credits and your Biometric Screening


When your plan year renews, you may notice an unexpected bump in your Points and Bucks total. In many cases, this is due to the Healthy Living Credit for having your Biometric Screening from the previous plan year fall within the healthy range. The Biometric Screening Rollover credit is given to encourage healthy living and working towards your overall well-being. It will also help you reach the higher Status Levels faster! 


The screenings that are eligible for the Biometric Screening Rollover are:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol Screening
  • Fasting Glucose Screening


Please note: BMI is not eligible for the Biometric Screening Rollover as changes can often occur with your BMI over a short period of time.


Since those screenings don’t often change significantly from year to year, you are able to receive your Points for them at the start of your plan year! Not only do you receive the Points for having the screening completed, but it will also give you credit for have that category of the screening completed!


For example: For your Biometric Screening last year, you had a completed Biometric Screening with your blood pressure and cholesterol in healthy range. When your plan year renews, you will see the following on your Go365 Statement for the date of your plan year renewal. 


  • Blood Pressure Screening – 400 Points
  • Cholesterol Screening – 400 Points
  • Blood Pressure in Healthy Range – 400 Points
  • Cholesterol in Healthy Range – 400 Points

Total - 1,600 Points


This will count as part of your Biometric Screening for your new plan year. So if you would like you can complete a full Biometric Screening or only complete the categories that were not credited. If you chose to have a full Biometric Screening completed at a later date in your plan year, any categories that rolled over will show as awarded 0 Points for that date of service. This is because you were already awarded the Points on the day your plan renewed. 


Please note: Only results completed within the current plan year will rollover into the next. For example: If you had your blood pressure screening, cholesterol screening and fasting glucose screening all rollover and only have your BMI measured during the plan year, you will show a completed Biometric Screening. However, no results will rollover into the new plan year. Even though the results were within range, they can only roll over for one year. 


For more details on what happens when your plan year renews, visit What Happens When My Plan Year Renews for more details. 


Important things to note about the Biometric Screening:


  • It is encouraged to complete a full Biometric Screening each year in order to keep up with your overall well-being and is not required to participate with Go365. Please be sure to check with your employer or HR department to make sure they do not have any requirements for different incentives involved with your policy or premiums. Go365 does not have access to any employer incentives or any premium information. 


  • Completing a Biometric Screening will take you out of Blue Status. 


  • If you are in Blue Status, you will still show the Points and Bucks awarded for your Biometric Screening Rollover Credit. However, you will be unable to use them in the Go365 Mall until you are out of Blue Status.