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My Story

Posted by 4CEDE0T3P6G2K Jul 22, 2018

Im a mom, granmma, and middle school teacher.  Since I started using Go365 I’ve taken back my life in a healthy way. It makes me accountable for myself. I catch myself checking my calories and activity hourly/ daily.  I have lost weight and maintained it for two years now. I love this app.  It’s the best thing I have done for myself.


What's your story?

Posted by go365admin3 Jul 3, 2018

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Since joining Go365, I have managed to work with the program and better my health and well-being. We want others to share their journeys as well.

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Tell us your story here. What has inspired you? What has kept you motivated? How do you stay on track? How do you use the Go365 program?




Iron Maiden

Posted by Aka221112393275 Jun 27, 2018

My journey began in the fall of 2014, I was diagnosed with hemochromotosis. This is a genetic disorder where your body stores too much iron and without monthly phlebotomy, the iron builds up and  can damage your organs. In my case it happened to be my liver. To make a very long story short ( too late), I received a liver transplant in the summer of 2015. God has blessed me beyond measure. Today, I’m healthy, active, working and just plain grateful to be alive.


Putting myself first

Posted by Aka101132353961 May 25, 2018

Good morning community! It has been a very long journey of acceptance and forgiveness to finally reach a place in my life where emotional & physical wellness are more balanced then ever. This upcoming June I will have successfully maintained my weight loss of 44 pounds for one full year. A huge milestone. I have gone up and down over the past 10 years too much, so this milestone is my equivalent of running a marathon. I am proud.


What are your moments and milestones? Where do you find the balance of life?

Early Morning Walkers

Posted by Aka171133845918 May 24, 2018

I would love to connect with other participants that shared with me the joy of waking up early in the morning and head out for a morning walk. I usually head out the boardwalk on the beach and walk 3 miles every morning. Every morning I share with my friends and family amazing sunrises via Facebook. I had seen weddings on the beach, proposals and various events. Each morning is a new journey full of positive energy. 

My Surprise Gift!

Posted by aka19492240961 Aug 31, 2017

I was so surprised to be notified as the prize winner this month. I can use the I Pad for keeping track of my daily workouts and other things that require data storage. Many thanks to the Go365 staff!