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My Story

Posted by 4CEDE0T3P6G2K Jul 22, 2018

Im a mom, granmma, and middle school teacher.  Since I started using Go365 I’ve taken back my life in a healthy way. It makes me accountable for myself. I catch myself checking my calories and activity hourly/ daily.  I have lost weight and maintained it for two years now. I love this app.  It’s the best thing I have done for myself.


What's your story?

Posted by go365admin3 Jul 3, 2018

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Since joining Go365, I have managed to work with the program and better my health and well-being. We want others to share their journeys as well.

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Tell us your story here. What has inspired you? What has kept you motivated? How do you stay on track? How do you use the Go365 program?