• No activity points uploaded.  Please assist.

    My Fitbit appears to be linked however I have not received any points since I've changed school districts this Fall. I typically have between 15000-20000 steps per day from my teaching and coaching jobs. Lots of lost ...
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  • how can points be added from workouts

    I am missing points form 9/28 and 10/1. There were 3 bike rides on 9/28, and 1 bike ride on 10/1
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  • Apple is not syncing

    My apple watch connection through the apple app has not connected since august. All of a sudden no activity data is transferring. Can you help?
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  • Login and Syncing Issues

    Due to the app not syncing with my apple health I deleted and reinstalled the app. Now when I try to log in it requires a verification code due to it being a new device. I put in the code, hit the login and it gets st...
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  • my movie certificates didn't work at the movie theater so I would like to get something else from Go365. Is it possible?

    I redeemed some of my Go365 money for two movie tickets, but at the AMC dine in movie theater Clerck or the manager weren't able to process them, so I had to pay out of pocked. At this point I don't want the Movie cer...
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  • How do you earn enough bucks for larger items like bikes , when there is a cap of 30,000 bucks per year?

    Ive been trying all year to stack up enough bucks to get a mountain bike only to find there is a cap and caint obtain enough to get one.
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  • How do I connect with with people on here so I can create a challenge or invite people to join?

    Please help me connect with people on here so, I just can't seem to figure it out out.
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  • What are some community activities that I can get involved in?

    What are some community activities that can join?
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  • Mitzi new adventure of life!

    HELLO ! Humana 365 people how are you doing today! How are you all doing on your workouts and getting fits for the summer months? With my stomach it seem it is impossible to do because the medication I take make you g...
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  • I reached Platinum Status!!!

    My plan year renews on 7/1/16 and I was struggling to engage and get to Platinum status before the end of my plan year. I am happy to say with the 100 Day Dash challenge my company has, it has gotten me to Platinum St...
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