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    Points for up to date preventative care?


      Hi I'm new and I'm not sure if i've missed something or can't find the info....So I'm always up to date on all the same preventative care that earns points on go365. I actually have direct access online to all of my testing etc, however, uploading doesn't work due to the the testing being over 90 days old. This makes no sense to me and completely undermines the purpose of the program, right? Mine are exactly 100 days old, also PAPs are only done on a 3 year basis now. Obviously insurance won't cover unnecessary testing outside of the due time and these test results should be able to be accepted somehow, right? Please help!

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          Pap test points should be awarded every year !!! Why say it’s preventative if you skip years of screening!!!

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              **3yr screening is not a personal choice, it is standard practice per AMA/CDC recommendations to doctors and patients, same as colonoscopy every 5 to 10yrs etc. Many screening recommendations work this way.

              The point I was making/asking for assistance with is that many health insurance programs including government sponsored do not cover testing done before/more often than the recommended time period unless a doctor has determined it to be medically necessary. Meaning insurance won't pay for testing just because you want it so you can get your points! Which I feel means I should receive credit/points for the testing I had done only 100 days before joining humana/go365 but the system won't allow me to submit so I need help with that.

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                  Good morning, I apologize for the delay in a response and appreciate you allowing us to further explain the preventive care process when it comes to points/bucks being awarded.


                  Preventive services are eligible for reward when received within 90 days of the services being performed. You would need to be an active member with Go365 in order for this to occur.


                  As you mentioned above, you just recently became a member of Go365. This means, that if the pap was performed prior to your start date, you would not be eligible for the points or bucks as Go365 was not active at that time.


                  In regards to the paps, you are correct. While these were recommended on a yearly basis, this has since changed to 3 years. Your medical plan will cover items that are medically necessary.


                  Below are some additional ways that you can earn incentives towards the Go365 program.


                  How to Earn Points Guide


                  I apologize for any inconvenience and wish you the best on your healthcare journey!