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I completed an activity. When I tap on the activity it says to submit a photo to redeem the points. The button to do that step is missing. Will Humana honor my effort and give me the points?
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Here we go again. This is why I’m about to DITCH this app. This was an issue at the end of September , right at the end of a Go365 step challenge. That’s right. YOUR SPONSORED STEP CHALLENGE. Here it is 3 1/2 weeks later. My pints aren’t updating. I got partial credit for for yesterday: 13 points out of what should be 21. Same
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I am trying to get brother started, he is very active, however the problem is he cannot read or write. Definitely no computer skills or texting. at all. But he has nor been credited with his Blood Pressure management, colon cancer screening, medication review only has been credited with Kidney health, A1C and Statin medication.  But i cannot