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    SHealth syncing issue


      I have a Gear Fit 2 that syncs to my SHealth.  I have Go365 linked to my SHealth.  Starting in mid-May, Go365 has not synced any of my steps from SHealth.  After several emails back and forth, Go365 support has told me "Upon reviewing your S Health, the reason Points are not awarding if because the data that is sent to Go365 is not truly verified. This would mean that either workouts were manually tracked or tracked by GPS. Please know to earn Points for your steps with S Health, the steps has to come directly from S Health and not manually tracked as an exercise or workout."  My issue is, I haven't changed any settings on my Gear Fit or my SHealth.  I don't understand how all of a sudden this is a problem?  Does anyone know what I need to change in order for my steps to start syncing again?