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    Missing points


      I have not consistently been getting my points since the beginning of the year. I had my annual well woman exam in January and submitted documentation twice, chatted with a rep, but still no points. I received virtually no points in the month of April and some days I walked nearly 20,000 steps. I have an Apple Watch I always wear and the Go365 app is connected to all of my health and fitness apps. I am at a loss.

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          Your annual well woman exam will show on your Go365 Statement as a pap exam for the date of service of the exam. Can you please filter your Go365 Statement for prevention and look back to the beginning of the year?


          Do you have your Apple Watch set as priority on your Apple Health App?  Check out How Do I Set My Apple Watch as priority for steps? for more information. I can see that your steps are being received from Apple Health.

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              Hi Alicia,


              thanks for for your help. I did see that the Pap smear is now showing, but it shows no points because it says I recorded it more than once in a year. I only go once a year and the last time was before I was a Go365 member. My steps record accurately on all other apps on my phone. The Go364 app also won’t let me check into the gym with the beacon. I’ve linked the Anytime Fitness App with My fitness pal and Up, but that didn’t help. My coworkers have reported similar issues.


              Thanks again,