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    Who do I speak with about gift cards not working?


      I have gotten two gift cards one for target and one for Lowe's.  I have not received an email with the information and when I use the info in go365 it does not work says they are not valid for Lowe's and the code for target is incorrect.  What do I need to do.

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          Did you find the information by doing the following from www.go365.com?


          • Click Shop 
          • My Orders
          • Order Details.


          For Target, you will be provided a challenge key, click on the blue hyperlink and enter the challenge key into the box. This will take you to the Target eGift card. Lowe's will proved a long number and a four digit code in the order history.


          To have the codes provided, please do one of the following:

          • Call the number on the back of your Go365 member ID card
          • Send a secured message via our message center on Go365.com.  The message center can be accessed by logging into the Go365 dashboard and clicking on envelope icon in the blue menu bar.