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    I have 2 problems. Steps syncing and not receiving all points for exam.


      I have 2 problems. The first problem is that my apple health is not syncing my steps to Go365 since February and everything is connected. The second problem is that I just completed my yearly exam and only received 1600 points when I should have got 4000 because all of my readings were in healthy range and I did all of the tests. I even have the paper that says so. This app is super frustrating and is pointless to try and track activity and get rewards when it never seems to work. Also I think there should be a number to call instead of typing in long messages that may or may not get answered accordingly. Thank you.

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          Hi Ryan,


          Thank you for the feedback. In order for the workouts to be uploaded to Go365, you must log into the Go365 mobile app at least once per week to keep data current. Unfortunately, Apple Health's systems do not allow Go365 to retrieve data.


          To refresh your connection, please follow these steps:


          • Uninstall the Go365 app from your smartphone
          • Reinstall the Go365 app
          • Access your Go365 Dashboard
          • Select "More"
          • Select "Account & Settings
          • Select "App & device connections"
          • Select Apple Health and click Connect with Go365


          Be sure to turn all categories on, for all data to be shared with Go365.


          Please see the Biometrics credit portion of What Happens When My Plan Year Renews for information in regards to your Biometric Screening Points.