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    my G2.0 not reporting steps


      The past 2 days when I plug my G2.0 it tells me my units memory may be damaged. To try a new battery (which I have done). To  unplug and put back in  (which I have done). And to try a different USB port (which I have done). Then it comes up with a This page cant be displayed error connection refused. Anyone else having this problem with their Ped G2.0?

        • Re: my G2.0 not reporting steps

          Have you redownloaded the GearSync program? Your GearSync software may need updating in order to upload the data from your Humana pedometer.


          • Login to your Go365 account
          • Select Manage Devices in the Recent Device Activity Box
          • Select Manage under Humana Pedometer
          • Click the blue download button
          • Follow the steps to install GearSync


          If you still receive this error message, your device may be defective and will need to be replaced. You can check out Device and Workout Guide for more information on the other compatible devices and free mobile apps.