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    Are vegetables better for you cooked or raw?


      Are vegetables better for you cooked or raw?

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          Both cooked and raw veggies are healthy options.


          Some – such as green beans or beets – are more digestible and/or more appealing when cooked. Steaming, sautéing, grilling, and roasting can bring out the flavors of vegetables. 


          With leafy greens, tender spring greens are delicate and best eaten raw, whereas tougher greens such as collard greens hold up well to heat and are delicious when cooked.


          Nutrients, such as vitamin C and enzymes, are generally highest in raw vegetables, whereas other nutrients are made more available by cooking – for example carotenoids in carrots (and other deep orange vegetables), and lycopene in tomatoes.


          The best option is to eat lots of vegetables, and to eat a wide variety - which most likely will be a combination both raw and cooked.  With farmer’s markets and gardens sprouting up, this is a great time of year to try new ways of preparing both raw and cooked veggies.


          Readers, what are some of your favorites?