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Remove the deceptive 30,000 cap on earning bucks (or at least tell us there is a cap and when we reached it) and restore our legitimately earned bucks!  (Go365 MEMBERS: please read and comment until this gets addressed!)

Question asked by Aka22715564398 on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by communitymanager

I have been doing extra activities, challenges, etc though the go365 app in an effort to earn enough bucks to get a Fitbit Charge 3 when it comes out in October.  Lo and behold, I have not been earning any bucks it seems for several months because I hit the 30,000 buck cap (I found this out when I called customer service).  If you interact with Go365 through the app, there is absolutely no mention of this anywhere in the app.  I've uploaded a screenshot from the app that states "you earn 1 buck for every point you earn", and there is absolutely no mention of a limit.  Even on the website of Go365, under the bucks FAQ in the go365 the program on the website (also available as an attachment) there is no mention of a cap.  Only if you knew enough to go to the FAQs, then under "how to earn" and then under bucks, and then again under "how many bucks can you earn in a program year?" would you find the only reference to a 30,000 buck cap.


Are you an individual saving up for a bike or high ticket item?  Good luck, it will be extremely difficult and deflating. Hopefully, you won't go through what happened to me last November when I had all of my 2016-2017 plan year bucks deleted (before finally being restored after numerous messages to customer service).


When you do hit the 30,000 buck cap, you are given no notification you are no longer earning bucks.  Go365 does not inform you in any way when this happens.


Based on the different language used between the app and website, I think this practice is deceitful to members who are really pushing hard to be healthy and motivated by a high buck reward only to be deflated that their efforts count for almost nothing but 10% bucks for the next program year which again pushes them to the 30,000 cap.


Humana/Go365, please do the right thing and remove the bucks cap and restore the unearned bucks to your members!


Please like and comment on this status if you agree with this post to keep it near the top of the thread until it is addressed by someone higher up in go365 who can make these changes!