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    Eat healthy card issue


      My Eat Healthy card did not work today.  It's been working fine for the past month, but it didnt work today.  I always use self checkout, scan my card, and the discount applies.  It told me there no zero balance on the card today. I attached a picture of the message I received at the register.

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          The zero balance error typically only displays if "shopping card/Walmart gift card" was not selected before scanning the card.


          Did you happen to ask for assistance after receiving this error?



          Follow the steps below to use your HealthyFood card at the Self-Checkout:


          1. Touch Pay Now
          2. Touch Wal-Mart Gift Card
          3. Do NOT follow the only prompt to swipe card, simply SCAN the barcode on the card like a grocery item
          4. After you see the Healthy Food discount apply, select payment options.