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When will Google fit be approved?

Question asked by Aka271211417379 on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by go365moderator2

Google fit is the only app that works with my smartwatch for step counting.  I have been using the Samsung Health app because I have no other option for my phone and watch.  The Samsung Health app has been horribly off on steps this past week.  Samsung Health has been recording at most half of my normal steps for a typical day, very disappointing.  Please approve the Google fit app ASAP for all the Android Wear users.  The error in the Samsung Health app is so bad it is demotivating me from exercising.  I used to use a Fitbit but they fall apart after about one year, waste of money.  My smartwatch has been more durable and accurate than any other item or app that I have used.  Please let me know the current timeline for Google Fit approval.