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    Humana Gear 1


      How many days & how many steps can I do with Humana Gear 1 device?  16 or more days of rural hiking?

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          The Humana Pedometer will have a memory of about 999,999 steps. If it is not uploaded it will not be able to store the steps.


          Go365 will award up to 50 Points per day for Steps or other Daily Workouts. 1 Point for every 1000 steps.

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              Thank you!


              That is Excellent news.  I'm just checking (& worrying), because the Humana Gear 1 only has 5-digits on the display.   So if I did walk 50,000 for each of 16 days-not likely I hope, that's 800,000 steps & under the 999,999 max.   However, someone said they thought it would stop recording at 75% full.  That could be a (shortage) problem for uploading.  I only get credit for every one-thousandth steps, but I suspect the accumulator for the 999,999 adds all the steps together.


              Meanwhile, I'll reset the counter each day & make a notation of it for myself to gauge where I am in accumulated steps.  I'll plan to upload just before I leave & right after I return & hope all goes & counts well.


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