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points havent been accumulating, what happened to points? 

Question asked by aka711113919674 on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by go365moderator2

I usually check on points approx. this time each year for the last 2-4 years, both my friend and I have same plan, but not together, our points went down last year, and I am unable to see ANY POINTS this year at all, at least for myself, haven't checked with my friend, if she had checked on hers.  Seems like the points automatically generate, but they aren't showing, I haven't done anything different this year opposed to the last year or so, what happened to the points?  Both my friend [of 20 years] and I have enjoyed having that perk, is it something we are not doing, or something different this year opposed previous years we need to do to get the points? 

  Please let me know either by email, or call my number on file, prefer email though, please inform me so I can get this corrected if need be, as well as my friend also!!!  I know 1st year my friend & I found out about this particular perk we had 15,000-20,000 points and next year was nearly half of that amount, and this year I cant see any points for myself, I may have gotten 1,000 that may or may not be showing up on your end, please help me understand and get corrected