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Continuing discord between Daily Workouts listing and Go365 Statement points

Question asked by 5FISC3P270W1W on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by go365admin2

This is a continuation of a problem I posted about here - while I received an initial response, it was insufficient and I haven't received a reply to my follow-up since 10/5, so I'm posting the question again, re-worded for clarity. I sincerely hope someone will look into the situation.


I am running into situations where workouts show up on my Daily Workouts page, but I'm not receiving points for them on my Go365 Statement.

Dates that have issues are below, with the number of points I received, followed by the amount I believe I should have received in parentheses after:

  • Date: Points Received (Points I believe I should receive)
    • 10/1: 0 pts (5 pts)
    • 10/2: 10 pts (20 pts)
    • 10/4: 10 pts (20 pts)
    • 10/7: 0 pts (10 pts)
    • 10/8: 0 pts (10 pts)

Here are screenshots of my Daily Workouts page and Go365 Statement to verify whether I am calculating these correctly, or if I'm mistaken.

Thank you in advance for carefully reading through this message and helping me try to come to a resolution to this issue.