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    Continuing discord between Daily Workouts listing and Go365 Statement points


      This is a continuation of a problem I posted about here - while I received an initial response, it was insufficient and I haven't received a reply to my follow-up since 10/5, so I'm posting the question again, re-worded for clarity. I sincerely hope someone will look into the situation.


      I am running into situations where workouts show up on my Daily Workouts page, but I'm not receiving points for them on my Go365 Statement.

      Dates that have issues are below, with the number of points I received, followed by the amount I believe I should have received in parentheses after:

      • Date: Points Received (Points I believe I should receive)
        • 10/1: 0 pts (5 pts)
        • 10/2: 10 pts (20 pts)
        • 10/4: 10 pts (20 pts)
        • 10/7: 0 pts (10 pts)
        • 10/8: 0 pts (10 pts)

      Here are screenshots of my Daily Workouts page and Go365 Statement to verify whether I am calculating these correctly, or if I'm mistaken.

      Thank you in advance for carefully reading through this message and helping me try to come to a resolution to this issue.

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          Hi there,


          I sincerely apologize for any possible confusion, or frustration. After reviewing your account, and the fitness data received from your Strava account, I am able to verify that you are being awarded Daily Workout Points correctly. Points are awarded for Strava data via a calculation of calories burned during the workout duration. Points will only be awarded if the burn rate is greater than, or equal to, 200 calories per hour. If this is satisfied, then 5 Points will be awarded for every 100 calories burned.




          235 calories burned within a 230 minute duration. No Points will be awarded because an average of 200 calories burned per hour was not met.


          385 calories burned within a 106 minute duration. Calories burned average meets the requirement, therefore, 5 Points are awarded for every 100 calories burned = 15 Daily Workout Points.


          I hope this helps!

          • Re: Continuing discord between Daily Workouts listing and Go365 Statement points

            Thank you for the further explanation. While it did not get to the root of the problem I was having, it did shed light on why these workouts were not being given points when I thought that they should:

            The problem lies with Elapsed Time vs Moving Time, as calculated and reported by Strava. In an instance where I have forgotten to mark the end of my workout, Strava will auto-pause the workout, thus freezing the timer on the workout. For example - a workout when viewed in my Strava dashboard shows 191 Calories burned, Time: 44m 39s (which would be eligible for 5 points.) However once I look at the workout details, I see that the 44m 39s is actually the moving time, but the entire workout is listed as having an elapsed time of 1h 27m which understandably falls below the 200 calorie/hr burn rate.

            Because the Strava app never shows this elapsed time, I assumed that the time that is displayed (which is actually the moving time) is the time that is reported and calculated by Go365.


            With this - is there anything I can do in the event that I forget to mark the end of a workout, causing the workout's burn rate to fall below the 200 calorie/hr eligibility rate?