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    Please Help. No points for steps (Iphone).


      I'm currently using the Heath app on my Iphone (ios) and and records my steps daily. The problem is that I get 10 points for a workout but Ill never get any for my steps.  GO365 records my steps but there are no points. Please Help.

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          I sincerely apologize for any confusion.


          Go365 awards for one fitness activity type per day, whichever will award you the higher amount of Points. If you are checking into a partnered fitness facility (10 Points), and getting less than 10,000 steps, then you will see 10 Points awarded for that day. If you check into the fitness facility and get 12,000 steps (12 Points/1 Points per 1000 steps) for the day, then you will see 12 Points awarded.


          You are awarded for one or the other, not both. I hope this helps!

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