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I am not getting the correct points for my steps on some days

Question asked by 3MULL0B053C4G on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by go365admin3

Last week Go365 missed step points for 2 days. I initiated a chat session and the customer service rep went through steps to sync my FitBit app and Go365 app and had me check on My FitBit app and the both had the correct numbers, but Go365 did not.


This week, again, Go365 shorted me steps for Sunday, 11/25, so I didn't get all the points I should have. FitBit app and both showed 7,167 steps but I was only awarded 6 points. The customer service rep tried to tell me it was because I was using the GPS for some of my walks and that since it was a third party they were not transmitting all the steps. That is not the case because and my FitBit app both showed the 7,167 steps and Go365 managed to get the steps correct on other days where I used the GPS.


Both customer reps gave me the missed points, so my points are OK (I'm still waiting for 11/25 to update on Go365), I just want to know why this keeps happening. The problem seems to occur more on weekend days than during the week, but it still does happen during the week at times. Is there some reason this is happening? Apps are fine - all synced and working as they should. I want to be able to trust that Go365 is recording all my points and not have to go in and check every week and "chat" every week just to get my points recorded correctly. I've attached two screen shots, one from my FitBit app and one from to show that my steps are recording correctly in FitBit. (on the lower screen shot the text box is pointing to the day on the graph showing steps for 11/25 - you might have to enlarge it to see it.).




Barbara Mullins