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fitbit versa & fitbit zip

Question asked by 7TOWE8R268S0T on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by Aka261222544829

I'm currently using a Human Gear 1 pedometer, which has worked great for a long time!  But I think it may give out soon, and I understand Go365 is only supporting the few that are out there and "grandfathered" in (i.e., I couldn't load a new one).  Since I am often carrying things in my arms, I think this Human Gear 1 style pedometer is best suited for me.  I may receive a Fitbit Versa as a gift soon.  If it/Versa only counts via arm motion, that won't help my Go365 points grow!  (But I'm looking forward to using the Versa's heart rate monitor.)  So I am considering getting a Fitbit Zip.  The Fitbit Zip photo seems to have a screen.  Will I be able read my steps on that screen, or do I have to read it from another source?   I'm also assuming that I will not be able to sync the heart rate feature of the Versa AND the step counting feature of the Fitbit Zip because they are two pedometers of the same maker; is that correct?