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Not getting points for step challenges

Question asked by 4BLAC0C192B0K on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by go365admin3

I have a question about getting my 100 points per month for
these step challenges.


Each month, I create a step challenge for my team to join if
they choose to.  I have not received any points for doing so since June
2018.  Its been 6 months since myself or anyone on my team which has
joined the challenges I have created received any points. 


I have read the rules and regulations and how the points are
earned, and I am not seeing a limit as to how may points can be earned by
joining challenges.  I am hoping you can give me some insight as to if
there is indeed a limit to how many points a year you can earn for step
challenges? Or if there is a limit, it should be put in the rules and
regulations on how to earn points.  It currently says you can earn 100
points per month, but it doesn’t have a limit as to how many can be earned in a
year.   Also, if this is a glitch in the system, what can I do to get
the points I have missed as well as the points of the teammates whom have lost
points for these step challenges?


Any help/insight you can provide is greatly
appreciated in this matter.