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Several things are wrong with my points/bucks.  (1) Discrepancy between app and website.  (2) Some Fitbit data is incorrect.

Question asked by Aka1110751993 on Jan 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by go365admin3

First of all, the list of recently earned points/bucks is not the same when viewed in the app versus on the web.  As one example, I got my 50 lifetime points for using the app for the first time.  They show up in the app on 1/3 but they do not show up when I view my statement through the website at all.


Second, the Fitbit data from January 2 is wrong.  It is showing 13 points but I have over 14,000 steps for that day.  Several syncs have been performed since then and my Fitbit data for January 3 and January 4 is correct.  I can provide a screen shot from my Fitbit dashboard confirming the step data if need be.