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    I am missing points for several activities.


      (1) Normally my "daily moment" points for taking the health quiz show up the next morning, but I did not see any points for 1/13/19 this morning when I logged in.


      (2) I am not getting any sleep points at all.  I am using the iPhone Health app.  It is connected to the Go365 app and last week before I started trying to track, I went in and added it as an activity (it is showing with 21 days left, I started at 28), and I've set up the "bedtime" thing with the clock app, and the Health app is pulling that "in bed" data from the clock app, and then I go in and manually add the "asleep" time the next morning in the Health app.  I had 5 days of this last week and that should be enough but I am not seeing any points.


      (3) My Go365 statements on the app and website still don't match.

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          Bumping this up since I have not received a response.


          The daily moment points issue seems to have resolved but #2 and #3 are still issues.

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            I apologize for the delay. Do you have the sleep activity set in the Go365 Mobile app? It will need to be reset every 28 days.


            Make sure that you are logging that you are asleep for at least 7 hours or more each night, and that they nights are all within the same week of Sunday-Saturday. How do I track sleep with Apple Health?


            What activities are not matching on your Statements? I would be happy to take a closer look for you!

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                As I explained in my initial post, point #2, yes, I have done everything that I am supposed to do to get sleep points (I wrote it all out in that post up above and it includes every single item you mentioned and everything in the post you linked to) but I haven't received any.  I should have some for the week of January 6-13.  I thought I was supposed to have at least 5 days in a Sun-Sat week with 7 hours of sleep or more, and I am showing 6 days for that week with 7+ hours.  (I didn't track the very first day of the week because I didn't have it set up yet, but I did it all the rest of the days.)


                As for the statements, there are two in particular.  (The overall points/bucks totals match, but there are discrepancies in the statements.)


                (1) "Complete the getting active conversation."  The app is showing I get 0 points for this, but the website is showing that I get 100 on 1/1 (which is correct).


                (2) "First time mobile app login."  The app is showing I get 50 points for this on 1/3 (which is correct) but this activity is not even listed on the website version of the statement.