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Go365 is slow to load and does not let me log in since last update

Question asked by Aka27904821262 on Feb 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by go365admin2

I have an OnePlus 3T Android 8 and have never had issues logging in until I updated the app last month. When launching the app it clocks a while and then sometmes loads a log in sscreen. If get the option to log in it will clock again until I see: Login failed. Please try again later.

I am able to log into the app on my tablet but it is more convenient to log in on my phone. I can also log into the site on my phone browser. I have tried resetting my password and no change. I have closed the app, cleared the cache, uninstalled, rebooted phone, reinstalled and still no success. Is there anything else I can try?