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    About points


      Does all my points carry over year to year or can you explain how it works

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          Hi Barry,


          When your plan renews, a few things happen. First, unused Bucks roll over, and you will receive a notification on your Dashboard if any Bucks are expiring. You will not lose Bucks unless you spend them, do not go beyond Blue Status within a plan year, or if they are unused after three plan years. The Points reset at renewal, but 10% of what was earned in the previous year carries over.


          Secondly, documented blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol results that were previously in the healthy range will automatically award the next plan year. Trends have shown that these measurements do not drastically change from year to year for healthy individuals.It is still recommended to get a full Biometric Screening every plan year to keep the system up-to-date with the most recent biometrics. You can view the Points already awarded under the Prevention and Healthy Living categories. Click Dashboard and select View Go365 Statement from the Recent Earnings box on the left. If you have additional questions, check out this guide regarding what happens when your plan year renews.


          What Happens When My Plan Year Renews