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When will Fitbit caloric burn data be accepted?

Question asked by 4LIMP0W2P5L0K on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by go365admin6

It just seems a bit odd that one of the biggest fitness tracker companies  cannot not work with Go365 to get data other than steps to work.  Fitbit has an open API, so all the data from Fitbit should be sent to Go365.  Yet, over at least a year, Go365 can't seem to figure out how to extract this data from Fitbit along with other fitness tracking apps like Apple and Samsung.


It shouldn't even an option to have a caloric burn activity to earn points if everyone is not afforded the opportunity.  There isn't even a way to manually enter my daily caloric burn into the system.


Please make this a priority and push this to IT and not customer service.