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I need sleep challenge clarification, please.

Question asked by Aka1110751993 on Mar 5, 2019
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I am participating in "The Great Slumber Challenge."  I have not been awarded any points for this, but I am not sure of the reason or if it is even anything I have control over.  I would like a Go365 representative to look into my account on this matter and get back to me.  Some follow-up questions are below.


(1) I know there are some issues with certain challenges recording data; for example, I was delayed points on a step challenge but that seems to have been fixed as of yesterday (or steps are updating more anyway).  So is this happening to me with the sleep challenge or is it something else?


(2) Can you tell if any sleep data is uploading from my account to the challenge?  I believe I have sleep data upload sorted out (I am using Apple Health) because I did receive several weekly sleep points (+25 added each time) automatically last month and I have the sleep log activity set in the app.


(3) Or am I not recording *enough* sleep to get credit for the challenge?  I can't tell what the actual challenge is from looking at the challenge page, like if there is a number I have to hit, or if just recording *any* sleep data is sufficient.  (I am getting 7+ hours a night, but if the challenge aims for 8 or more, do I not get credit for what I have recorded?)