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    Steps not syncing correctly.


      Steps not syncing correctly. From 1-1-19 thru 3-12-19 I am missing 325,986 steps and 153 points. I spent hours on the phone yesterday to finally get them to give me a case number. At first I was told there was no problem because some steps are showing up. I had to send screen shots of multiple days of my tracker and when I told her every single day this year is wrong she finally gave me a case number.


      Yesterday I had just under 13,000 steps and received 1 point. People keep telling me it takes time to catch up but mine have been wrong since I started last year but I did an actually spreadsheet for this year and every single day is wrong. Who and how do I follow up with on a case?

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          I apologize for the frustration with your Daily Workouts. The delay is only a 24-48 hour delay after logging into your Go365 Mobile app when using Apple Health. Can I ask you a few questions to try and narrow down the cause?


          Are you using only your iPhone to track your steps or do you use a device like an Apple Watch? I ask because the steps we are receiving have been tracked by your phone and not a device. If you are using a device that is not an Apple Watch, the steps will not transfer and can cause a delay.


          If you are using an Apple Watch, you may need to change the priority of your step data. Check out How Do I Set My Apple Watch as priority for steps? for more information.


          If that is not the case, do you have any manually logged workouts or other apps or devices connected?