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Discussion created by Aka63224140981 on Mar 16, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by go365admin3

I have not received my points for the 7+ hours of sleep a night for the

current challenge. As you can see, it’s only logging it since 3/11, and

it’s been 5 days since then and nothing has logged. It’s logged it to the

challenge but not my points. I was told 48 hours so shouldn’t I have a few

more days worth on here?


Also, I had over 3,000 steps yesterday and it only shows it for 1,000. I

sync my Garmin activity tracker several times a day and the app is also

connected to my iPhone Health app. Please look into this. I’m new to this

app and was really enjoying it until I realized it doesn’t even update in

the times that were provided by the admin on the help site. Please look

into this.