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Frustrating.... not receiving points for health quiz yes it’s connected and yes I go through the go365 app and yes I have days left on the activity

Question asked by Aka221121117101 on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by Aka221121117101

So many frustrating issues and missed informatio.  Go365 and Humana have website and programming issues, would be nice if they worked them out.  Earning, receiving And tracking points is exhausting, time consuming and frustrating.

issue #1 every time I use the chat, need to wade through the reps to find one who actually knows what they are taking about.  I am not completely computer inept and don’t need just their standard answers.

issue#2 if I didn’t get the very knowledgeable rep yesterday, I would have never known you needed to reset the online activitit’s such as The health quiz once your days run out.  SO much missing information, so very much.  I actually learned more yesterday, by finally chatting with a competent rep.  However still not getting my points for taking the quizzes.

issue #3 Sleep diary. Ok this one really pisses me off.  i get way over 7hours of sleep a night but not getting points because I wake up and PEE!!  my Garmin devise sends sleep times to Go365 twice a night.... I guess it starts over once ya get up to go to the bathroom .... so it’s saying I sleep twice at night.  Really???   i can’t believe the Go365 programmers can fix this issue... like add them both together.  Who doesn’t get up sometimes to pee, speciallynif you drink the amount of water you should during the day.  Do I need to go back to my potty training days with my kids and not drink 2 hours before bedtime?  Or better yet wear a diaper?  How about wet the bed??  I’ll never get 5 days a week of consistent 7 hours of sleep even tho my Garmin is saying I’m sleeping 8 hours.  I would think you should be able to come up with something??  I’ll end here because I’m REALLY FRUSTRATE!