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New update this morning -- still not working!  Is Go365 dead for good?

Question asked by Aka71111154915 on Mar 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by go365admin3

This morning I downloaded yet another update to the Go365 app when prompted that an update was available.  I thought this may have been the resolution that we had all been waiting for now approaching 2 weeks.  Well, dream dashed!  It still is not working.  I have followed all requested instructions regarding deleting, reinstalling, reconnecting Apple Health, categories on.  None of this has fixed the issue and the new update did not as well.  My first posting on this was March 16.  It is now March 23.  I think this issue now extends beyond the app because even when I log in to Go365 on the web, I see the same information that has not been updated correctly since 3/15.  Humana what are the next steps to resolution?  We need answers and now it appears our posts are being ignored.  Please help or just tell us that Go365 is dead.  Thanks!