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Haven't been able to access go365 via app or website since 3/25

Question asked by Aka101101132750 on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by go365admin3

I updated the 365 app on my phone the morning of 3/25 and have not been able to access my information since, either via the app or the website.


When I click "login" on the website, the following message appears, with no option to click on anything else:



We’ve made some changes to how you sign in

  • Sign in using your current username and password
  • Next, you’ll set up 2-step verification with your email address and have the option to add a mobile number
  • Now whenever you access Go365® from a new device, we’ll send you a one-time confirmation code that you’ll use to sign in
  • This helps us confirm it’s really you and protect your account

Attention: Current username must be used for sign in until 2-step verification has been completed.



When I attempt to login on the app, things seem to be loading correctly, but when the "customizing your experience" message blinks up, then the screen goes blank and the app shuts down.


Thanks for the help!