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Fixing Android interface

Question asked by Aka3135540876 on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by go365admin3

I'm hoping that you are working on resolving the interface problems this app has with Android OS. The problems existed in both Oreo and Pie versions.  I cannot use my device to open and view Challenges.  Within moments of doing so, the screen goes white and I get an error message that says SORRY, CHALLENGES ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. If I'm fast enough,  I might glimpse my name and my progress,  otherwise I have to repeatedly go back to the menu, reenter Challenges,  choose Active, and scroll down before it blanks out.

Another issue is that sleep data is not recording accurately. Friends with Versa and other Apple  devices are getting their data logged accurately and immediately, but data I'm sharing via my Samsung Health app is not getting logged accurately.  I even provided screenshots from my sleep logs as requested. I should have had credit for 8 goals met, yet only got credit for 2. Three emails and 2 weeks later, I received a wholly unsatisfactory response saying 'Gosh, we're sorry but we can't fix it after the challenge closes.'  Oddly enough,  I see that you're able to backdate steps for the recent workout delay issue.