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Beacon Isn't Working Properly

Question asked by Aka172142613875 on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by go365admin3

The beacon is intermittently working for myself and my adult son when we try to check-in. Sometimes it will allow both of us to check-in (using the same smart phone, different log-in credentials), other days, it will only allow for one of us to check-in, and recently, is doesn't allow for either of us to check-in. Between Saturday (3/30/19) through Monday (4/1/19), the beacon would not allow for us to check in at all. On Thursday (4/4/19), we were both able to check-in, but today, it did not allow for my son to check-in, only me. Can you (Go365 Support Team) see what the issue is? Also, can we be awarded for our daily workout check-ins for those dates mentioned where we did not receive anything? A co-worker of mine stated that he was awarded those beacon check-ins because our beacon was "down" for a few days (yet that does not explain why sometimes it allows for my son and I to both check-in on the same smart phone and other days it does not).