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"A general Exception has Occurred" Go365 app & not syncing with Samsung Health app

Question asked by Aka185162827692 on Apr 6, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by go365admin3

i have installed Samsung Health...and started tracking my steps from 4/1/2019.. every day. I installed go365 on the same mobile and followed the steps mentioned in one of your FAQ to add S. Health in go365.

But when i tried to open App & Device Connections -> it throws error "General Exceptions occurred" ... this is happening every time since 4/1.

I tried to uninstall and installed the app go365 but same problem.

Even i tried to installed S. Health in Samsung phone ... sync my data from Samsung ID. Installed go365.. but the same problem here too.

In fact in S.Health under settings > data permission > i am able to see go365 app and have enabled the data sharing. Still when i enter into go365 and click App & Device Connections -- i am facing the same Exception "A general Exception has occurred"


Please help me to resolve this issue ASAP. I am not able to log my steps since 4/1 .... lost approx 60000 steps.