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      so is there no more go365? I can not get into is at all.

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          I am sorry for the concern with your Go365 account. Go365 is still an active program. What error are you receiving when you try and login? I would be happy to take a closer look for you!

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              Every time I try to log in this is the message I get:

              We’ve made some changes to how you sign in


                 - Sign in using your current username and password

                 - Next, you’ll set up 2-step verification with your email address and

                 have the option to add a mobile number

                 - Now whenever you access Go365® from a new device, we’ll send you a

                 one-time confirmation code that you’ll use to sign in

                 - This helps us confirm it’s really you and protect your account


              *Attention: *Current username must be used for sign in until 2-step

              verification has been completed.


              It will not let even try set it up because I just keep getting this over

              and over every time I try. If there is something I am missing to set up

              this 2-step verification can I get an idea, thank




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                  Thank you! When this screen comes up, do you enter your username and password? This will take you the step to verify which email or mobile phone number you would like to use. Does it not take you to this step? What internet browser are you currently using?