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Why don't I receive any points for visiting my fitness facility even though my accounts have been linked and re-linked several times?

Question asked by Aka291023329954 on Apr 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by go365admin3

Why have I never received points for checking in to my fitness facility, even though I have attempted to link and relink my account several times? When it says it's connected, I don't get any points, and then it gets disconnected and I connect it again but I still don't get points. If this gets figured out can I receive a proration as I have not received points through no fault of my own?


I have been a member since November and I have been connecting and reconnecting my account since then but I have never received points. I receive points for my heart rate zones and calories through activities at this facility but I have never received points from Go365 for checking in to this facility. Genesis does give me points every time I check in, could I perhaps have them email you my check-ins so I can receive the points? Please help. Thank you.