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Discussion created by Aka264113350700 on May 1, 2019
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When doing the initial assessments, some of the default selections really floored me.  I have nothing against Hmong, or people with high triglycerides, but shouldn't the defaults be at least closer to what the majority of people would select?  Coupling the unusual defaults with the fact that you cannot manually enter anything and can only scroll 10 at a time, it's really annoying!  At least my fingers got a workout; I should log that. 


Here are some examples of questions with their default answers:


Language spoken at home:  Hmong (spoken by .05% of the world)

Number of minutes exercised per day:  720 (12 hours!)

Number of sick days at work last year:  180 (half a year!)

Avg hours of sleep per day:  12

Weight:  277

Waist:  55

Cholesterol:  389 (danger!)

Triglycerides:  999 (the goal is less than 150!)