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National Step Challenge - Employer Team

Question asked by Aka41171751915 on May 8, 2019
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I coordinate employee wellness for my organization. For the National Step Challenge, I created a team with an abbreviation of our company name before I read that company teams will be created by Go365 (as listed in the FAQ for Employers, in Engagement Source). Two questions:


1) How can I delete the team "KC Public Library", created by myself earlier today, so employees can join the correct team created by Go365? Also, someone - not an employee - joined the team. I left the Challenge to see if that would delete it but it didn't, so now the group just has one member, a person who is not a KCPL employee.


2) How can I find the actual/correct team for our organization? When I search the team list for "Kansas City Public Library" (complete/full group name in our company profile when I log in as an administrator) nothing comes up. 


Thank you