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the ratio points to rewards don't match

Question asked by Aka179121841680 on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by go365admin7

I've been tracking the points I am awarded everyday and then I compare them to the rewards and they don't match. I called the customer service about two months ago to ask about the situation and she agreed to call me the next day, well, she hasn't called back yet.

When I first stated tracking the points/rewards back in,

March the 13th I had 37400 points and 72577 reward bucks, today

June the 11th I have 45396 points and 77893 reward bucks. If the ratio is to be one point to one reward buck, from the moment I started tracking them I am short on my reward bucks 2680 reward bucks. Don't know for how long prior to me noticing the issue, it had been going on.